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Hi I'm Jo, a Self Love and Confidence Coach.

Originally from the UK and after spending 20 years in London, I now live in Munich with my Bavarian partner and our daughter.

I am an Accredited Life Coach with the Association for Coaching, Accredited NLP Practitioner with ABNLP and Accredited EFT Practitioner with EFTi. 


Having come through burnout, depression and anxiety, it was my own personal journey that originally led me to become a Self-Love and Confidence Coach. After experiencing the impact of my emotions on my physical health, especially surrounding anxiety,  I developed a keen interest in studying and aligning the wellness of the mind and the body.  

I have been married, single and engaged. When it came to Self Love, I didn’t get it at first, I thought it was the latest buzzword or hashtag and I didn’t realise that by not loving or respecting myself, I was attracting the kind of people who wouldn’t love or respect me. My understanding of Self Love developed even further when I became a Love Coach at Project Love and was personally trained in the Project Love Method in London. ​

When I first arrived in Munich, I knew no one apart from my partner. I felt pretty good and was brimming with excitement.  Then the homesickness kicked in followed by becoming a mum.  I remember being triggered watching a group of women all enjoying a brunch together and having that pang of missing friends in London. Then when I became a mum, I did not only miss my friends and family, but I missed me. Somewhere along the journey of feeling like I was surviving day to day, I had forgotten who I was.  


Fast forward to now and I have more self-confidence in my ability to be a mum and I thoroughly enjoy being in Munich and I now have a supportive network of friends.   My mindset is more positive and using my coaching tools I know how to tune into and let go of anxiety if it pops up. When challenges arise, like life likes to do, I can manage them with more confidence as I trust that I can do this.  My local lingo isn't my top skillset,  however, this has not stopped me from finding and using my voice.  This is what I want for you.  

Last year I worked with Pippagina and created and hosted workshops to support International Mothers in a Pandemic as well as hosting The Motherhood Sharing Circle. 


It is the learnings from my own journey plus my years as a Self Love and Confidence Coach and EFT Practitioner, that have been lovingly poured into creating Rise and Vibe.  


The reason I designed Rise and Vibe, is that I know first-hand what it is like to lose your confidence, to feel overwhelmed by it all, lose your identity and not recognise your own reflection in the mirror.  I also know what it is like to come out the other side and find your smile. You are in still in there and I am here to guide you back to you.


Within all my sessions you learn tools and techniques that you can use at home, giving you the freedom and independence to take care of and nourish yourself.  Within my coaching I offer flexiablity from individual sessions, monthly session and a six week package to suit your lifestyle.  


On a solo trip to India, a conversation sparked a spontaneous trip to the Andaman Islands to swim with an elephant called Raj. I didn’t find Raj but I unexpectedly found a gorgeous man from Munich. 


Following that trip,  I’m now living in Munich with that man and our daughter.

Life is full of surprises and proof that anything is possible. 

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