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My name is Jo Fiddy and I am a Certified Body Confidence and Wellbeing Coach as well as an Accredited EFT and NLP Practitioner.  

My Journey

I was born in 1980 and grew up with an eclectic mix of posters blu tacked on my lilac walls of Take That, East 17, River Phoenix and Oasis. I had the ying and yang necklace, incense sticks and at some point a perm – no GHDs or blow dry skills back then. 


Growing up I devoured magazines that taught me how to lose weight to catch a boy, position of the fortnight to impress a boy and how to basically change myself to be more attractive and welcoming to others.  


Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, was a mantra that I used to tell myself as I drank water to quinch my hunger.  


Moving to London at 19 changed my world and it is still my favorite city. 


I have been married and divorced. 


Cripplingly anxiety led me to burnout, changing careers and following the path to coaching with a hybrid holistic twist.  


On this journey I found a hairy Bavarian man while searching for an elephant called Raj in the Andaman Islands and we now live in Munich with our two daughters. 


For me the twenties were wild, once in a lifetime and never to be repeated.  I loved my thirties and that energy, ambition, and passion. So much happened in those years.  I could quite happily of danced a bit long in that decade. 

Along came 40

I wanted to embrace this whole birthday card slogan of life begins at 40. Maybe it was entering this decade in a pandemic or the glamorous label of a (geriatric mother). All I can say is that as time went on I didn’t have that aha moment, quite honestly I felt defeated, sad and flat.  


My vibe was off.  


It felt like being in a relationship with someone and yearning for another.   


I missed me. 


I was heartbroken to think that life and fun and everything in between was over.   


This is where Rise and Vibe Your 40s began, feeling like the best days are behind you.  


My mission is to empower women in their forties to start living again and not get stuck in this transitional part of the journey. I don’t want women to feel ashamed every time they blow out the candles on the birthday cake, or worse hide away and stop celebrating how truly magnificent they are.   

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