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Dance to the beat of your own dreams

Are you holding onto beliefs that do not serve you? What does that look like? Your self-talk is filled with ridicule about how you are not smart enough, good enough. Inside you feel that there must be something wrong with you. Perhaps you are repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again or self-sabotaging your success as you don’t feel worthy enough.

Let’s change that.

Our beliefs shape our narrative

Here is the thing… as beautiful little balls of energy, we learnt about the world, love and being in a relationship in childhood, by witnessing our parents and main caregivers and through experiences.

Some parts are essential and nourishing, while some parts are habits that go back generations.

These lessons and how we responded to these events at the time have an impact on our mindset, perception of the world and, in turn, shapes our belief systems and identity.

If you had an embarrassing moment speaking in front of the class when you were 7 years old… then you might grow up with the belief that you are terrible at public speaking.

If your parents told you that you are shy or you felt that you had to always please your parents, then you might have imposter syndrome or find yourself prone to perfectionism, people-pleasing and burnout.

Whether you can hear them or not, our beliefs become the soundtrack to our lives and are constantly playing on loop in the background.

The exciting part is once you have an awareness of this, you can change the soundtrack and upgrade the tunes.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

This is where EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) comes in.

Within a 121 EFT session, we playback the mixtape and identify triggers and old limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious. Through cognitive talk therapy and tapping, the belief that contributed to your unhappiness is released.

The result is that this old belief is not weighing you down anymore, you discover a new way of thinking. A lot of clients report feeling lighter more confident and their partners noticed a positive change in them.

If you would like to know more about EFT you can find more information here on my page.

To create a brand-new empowering soundtrack that supports you on your journey, book a free clarity session with me to find out more about EFT Sessions.

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