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Helping the people of Ukraine

Many of us have been watching the news from Ukraine and wondering what we can do to help.

Psychological Support for people of Ukraine

The people of Ukraine will have many needs in the coming months and years.

There will inevitably be psychological fallout from this war. In anticipation of this – and in the hope that it will be helpful when the time is right, Psychology Tools has translated a selection of trauma psychoeducation resources into Ukrainian.

The information includes:

How Trauma Can Affect You

Symptoms experienced post-trauma can be physically and emotionally powerful and can feel especially disturbing if the person doesn’t know why they are occurring. This illustrated information handout describes and normalizes common reactions to traumatic events, including feeling scared, having unwanted memories, or having nightmares and sleeping badly. It can help children and adolescents to understand that they are experiencing normal reactions to powerful events. It can also be used to help wider family and other people to understand how young people might be feeling.

Reactions To Trauma

This is an information handout designed for adults. It describes symptoms that commonly follow trauma – including re-experiencing symptoms, hyperarousal, and avoidance. It also gives helpful pointers about what to do to help someone who has experienced trauma.

Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder This is a guide designed to help people with PTSD to understand more about their condition. As well as a description of trauma, symptoms of PTSD, and effective treatments, this guide explores key maintenance factors for PTSD including unprocessed memories, beliefs about trauma and its consequences, and coping strategies including avoidance.

Written in a friendly and explanatory way, this guide is a comprehensive source of information for those with PTSD. The concepts are explained in an easily digestible way, with case examples and accessible diagrams.

You can download them for free here and for more information is on the Psychology Tools website

Download PDF • 227KB

Download PDF • 268KB

Download PDF • 749KB

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