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Start dating again... and bring your partner and family too.

Have you lost your spark? Things just don't feel the same anymore. That connection you once had with the city you moved to has lost its glow. Maybe it’s been a few years and you don’t have fun like you used to. Quite frankly you are bored of the city you live in, and being totally honest you secretly check out other countries on your phone, wishing you could live there instead?

It is time to spice things up!

Rekindle your relationship with the city and country you live in and start dating again. Get dressed up and dig out an outfit you haven’t worn since the pre-pandemic days. Go on a solo date or bring friends, family or the entire gang. Most importantly have fun, without criticising the language and culture and embrace the moment. Take photos, eat, dance, laugh, explore and see your country with fresh new eyes.

Living in another city and country is a lot like being in a relationship, it takes work. It’s very easy to fall into a routine, take things for granted and only see the negative side.

This fun and simple activity actually can help to change the neurotransmitters in the brain and creates new positive experiences and memories. A lot like dating and marriage - you have to keep working at it.

So start dating again and yes bring the girls or family along for the ride.

Not sure where to begin and looking for inspiration? In Munich one of my favourite go tos is Bored in Munich, an English guide for activities in Munich. Timeout is also a cool resource to find out what is happening in your city

Whether you have lived away as an Expat for 6 months or 16 years, start exploring and experimenting again and discover new activities in your city and fall in love all over again.

Jo Fiddy is a Brit living in Munich and a Self Love and Confidence Coach helping International Women find their confidence.

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