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New workshops coming to Munich

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Update: Unfortunately all events are postponed until the Spring

All events are in-person (hurrah) which I'm thrilled about, as connecting with like-minded mothers and building a community is so important to your mental health, especially for international mothers.

Finding Yourself After Becoming a Mother

Do you look in the mirror and not recognise your own reflection? Wondering where that person has gone? Amongst the nappies, the feeding, the sleepless nights, becoming a stay at home mum, it can feel like a part of you has disappeared. You are not the person you were before becoming a mother but you are not quite sure who you are now. The transition to motherhood can also feel more bumpy when anxiety and overwhelm is present.

Having experienced post-natel anxiety following the birth of my daughter, I empathise with how isolating it can feel when anxiety has taken hold. I wasn't able to fully immerse myself in motherhood and spent those first few months gripped by feelings of panic. I also know what if feels like to find your confidence and your smile.

This is a two hour workshop held in person for mothers who are experiencing anxiety and overwhelm and feel lost since becoming a mother. There will be an empathetic supportive sharing circle with real talk on motherhood and being an International Mum and connect with mothers in the community. Learn three nourishing tools that you can use to calm your nervous system and start to take the steps to returning back to you.

Workshop is €20 euros

Mum Burnout - How to Set Boundaries

This workshop is for you if you feel like you spend your entire time taking care of everything and everyone, and the highlight of your day is falling into your bed at night. You find yourself snapping more at your partner or children and your cup of capacity was overflowing a long time ago.

Within the 90 minute workshop there will be a group discussion on burnout and the impact it has on our emotional state. Bring a note pad and pen as there will be Life Coaching exercises on Boundaries and how to use them effectively to feel more relaxed and less frazzled.

Workshop is €15 euros

All workshops are held at the Yoga Garden Munchen. Under 1-year-olds can attend and 2G+ rules apply.

To secure your place and for any questions simply email me directly at

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