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Unplug Inner Critic and Take Centre Stage

How many times have you sabotaged yourself with negative thoughts? Allowed your Inner Critic to talk you out of something that actually was really exciting and you secretly would love to do.

Negative thinking is actually normal, dating back to our survival days as Cave Warriors fighting off tigers and bears. It is actually a natural state of thinking. The issue is that when you are caught up in a constant pattern of negative thinking, your world becomes smaller.

You might feel stuck and frustrated. Credit - Unsplash Katrina Wright

Our thoughts become things. Meaning what we believe about ourselves becomes our reality. While your Inner Critic is hogging the karaoke stage, you start to behave, talk and act based on your negative thinking and beliefs. Those dreams you had become unattainable, as you get stuck in a habit of negative thinking.

“I can’t do that” becomes the norm but… what if you could?

Positive Affirmations help to rewire the neurotransmitters in the brain.

According to Positive Psychology, there is actual MRI evidence suggesting that certain neural pathways are increased when people practice self-affirmation. If you want to be super specific 🐙 the ventromedial prefrontal cortex—involved in positive valuation and self-related information processing—becomes more active when we consider our personal values.

Amazing right! So how do you start practising Positive Affirmations and take centre stage of your own life?

Grab a notebook and pen or even better some post-it notes and stick Positive Affirmations around your home. This involves writing down who you want to be and what you want to happen.

Examples include:

I am enough

I am a confident person Credit - Unsplash Caitlyn Wilson

I change the energy in the room

It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed

I am worthy

I do not have to prove myself to anyone

Once you have your list, say them out loud every day and make them part of your morning and evening ritual. Remember that your brain does not the difference between reality and what you tell it. So if you do not feel confident for example, the more you tell yourself that you are, the more your brain will start to think that you are and you will naturally start acting more confident. Thoughts become things!

If it feels weird saying nice and positive things about yourself… maybe have a little check-in on that limiting belief and question and journal why that is.

For extra support and inspiration, download Rise and Vibe your Morning, a brand new freebie I have designed in collaboration with Yoga Instructor and Founder of HIYO Retreats Heidi

It includes a Positive Tapping Affirmation Meditation (expresso shot for the brain) and a Yoga Flow with Heidi to warm up the body and get set for the day.

The link can be found on Rise and Vibe homepage

The conversation you have with yourself is the longest one you will ever have… what are you going to say?

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