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Self-Esteem Challenge 

Rise and Vibe with Confidence! 

Reclaim your Identity and start believing in yourself again with the 7 Day Self-Esteem Challenge. 

Over the course of the next 7 days you will be:

  • Embracing and celebrating your uniqueness.

  • Regaining control of your Inner Critic plus learning how to change the tune of negative thinking to a new empowering soundtrack. 

  • Diving deep into the powers of Self Love and how this holds the foundations of your Self-Worth. 

  • Identifying the energy drainers in your life. 

  • Creating goals that boost self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Plus a bonus challenge. 

Claim your free ebook which includes daily Life Coaching exercises to support you on your journey plus a Self-Esteem boosting Positive Affirmation audio.

Alongside your ebook is a nourishing Self-Esteem Boosting Positive Affirmation recording for you to plug into and listen to throughout the challenge and beyond. 

For many of us (myself included) we were actually told we had low self-esteem at school, work or in a relationship – basically by other people. Other factors include life-changing moments or challenges such as a relationship break-up, losing a job, burnout,  getting promoted, moving for work or love, or becoming a Mum. 

It is time to reclaim your identity and cut off the labels that you were given in the past and ones that do not serve you.   

You are the architect of your life; you are holding the blueprint plans. 

By boosting your Confidence and Self-Esteem you can widen the design of your life. You choose.
So let’s start embracing who you are. Time to change the background music and create a new empowering soundtrack to live by. 
Start your Self-Esteem journey today. 

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