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Do you remember the last time you felt like you? Does your phone beam pictures of nostalgic moments from 5 years ago and you wonder where did that person go? 

Big life changes such as moving to another city or country, starting a new job or becoming a mother can have an impact on your self-esteem. When you become a mother even your handbag changes.


 For International Women, losing their confidence can naturally stem from being away from close family and familiarity and struggling with the culture, language barrier, relationship dynamic and homesickness.  


The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The Rise and Vibe® Method supports women with low self-esteem and anxiety to find their confidence and believe in themselves.

The reason I designed Rise and Vibe, is that I know first-hand what it is like to lose your confidence, feel overwhelmed by it all, lose your identity and not recognise your own reflection in the mirror.  I also know what it is like to come out the other side and find your smile. You are still in there and I am here to guide you back to you.

It is the learnings from my own journey plus my years as a Self-Love and Confidence Coach and EFT Practitioner, that have been lovingly poured into creating the Rise and Vibe Method, a nourishing supportive space for you to thrive in. 

How would it feel to? 
  • Work with and set yourself free from your limiting beliefs and insecurities

  • Restore the family balance and gain clarity and control

  • Recover emotionally from traumatic childbirth and move forwards 

  • Calm anxious feelings that are bubbling to the surface. When you feel anxious it is hard to be in the moment and feel like the real you

  • Create boundaries, enabling you to do more of what brings you happiness

  • Have a healthy relationship with your body and rewire your brain to food cravings    

  • Stop your Inner Critic from hogging the limelight and switch off Imposter Syndrome

  • Find your voice and confidence, even if you can’t speak the local language

  • Not feel alone anymore on your journey 

  • Look in the mirror and remember and recognize who you are and how fabulous you are - there she is!​

You have all the answers inside of you! 

I am here to guide you along the way 

Find yourself and remember who you are

As your Personal Life Coach, I will be with you every step of the way so you are not alone on your journey. 

Within all my sessions you learn tools and techniques that you can use at home, giving you the freedom and independence to take care of and nourish yourself. 


We work together on building confidence and self-esteem, adding vital foundations of self-love,  creating boundaries, changing unhealthy patterns and brainstorming achievable steps to move you closer towards your dream life. 



New Course launching 2023

Are you ready to take action? 

Rise and Vibe

  • Life Coaching sessions either online or in-person at the Munich Therapy Rooms 

  • Weekly check-in via Whatsapp or Messenger voice note 

  • Learn nourishing self-help tools that you can apply at home right away, giving you the independence and freedom to take care of your emotional wellbeing 

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for deeper healing work 

  • Life Coaching exercises in between sessions to support momentum 

Emotional Freedom Techniques Individual Sessions ​

  • Sessions take place on Zoom or the Munich Therapy Rooms 

  • Within each session you will learn how to tap, as well as receive a personalised tapping script, giving you the freedom and independence to take care of your emotional wellbeing. 


Within my coaching, I offer flexibility from individual sessions through to coaching programme to suit your lifestyle. 

"We confuse belonging with fitting in, but the truth is that belonging is just in our heart, and when we belong to ourselves and believe in ourselves above all else, we belong everywhere and nowhere."
- Brené Brown -

"Jo has enabled me to move forwards through major life changes and come out feeling lighter, empowered and confident."


"I contacted Jo as I needed some help with my energy and anxiety. From the moment we spoke Jo put me at ease. She has a very calming, grounded and nurturing way about her. 
As well as Life Coaching, Jo introduced me to EFT as extra support for my anxiety. The first time I felt totally relaxed afterwards but also like I had a new energy in me. After a couple of times doing it  I began to feel a transformation taking place.
My anxiety definitely eased, and the tiredness and lack of energy also started to disappear. I’d definitely recommend Jo, she’s very professional and also very kind and open. Thank you Jo."


"Working with Jo is a nourishing and healing experience. Highly recommend Jo’s coaching expertise."



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